I have been delighted with the support I have received from MKLC whilst completing this qualification. Emma has been quick to provide constrictive and detailed feedback, along with some helpful hints and tips, which has allowed me to make amendments to my work with ease. One worry of distance learning for me, was that I would be waiting a long time to receive feedback or support, however this has not been the case. I am looking forward to working on my L5 DET with MKLC and would definitely recommend this company to fellow colleagues! – How would you describe our performance overall?

  • 10/10 – How easy was your enrolment process?
  • 10/10 – How would you rate the accessibility and ease of use of our Moodle site?
  • 10/10 – How would you rate your tutor support?
  • 10/10 – Overall, how satisfied were you with the quality of the service we provided?
  • 10/10 – How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

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