My experience with you added a lot to me and through your professionalism you have provided me distinguished experience in my work and performance. So my experience was above expectation and I am pleased with the positive spirit that accompanied us throughout the course . Thank you to everyone in MKLC and I am happy to be within your group With my best Regards Dr.Omar Murad – How would you describe our performance overall?

  • 10/10 – How easy was your enrolment process?
  • 10/10 – How would you rate the accessibility and ease of use of our Moodle site?
  • 10/10 – How would you rate your tutor support?
  • 10/10 – Overall, how satisfied were you with the quality of the service we provided?
  • 10/10 – How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?

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